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Just mindin my own business on national today.. bobbled and caught both
feet about midway up under a rock, tumbled off the trail and took out a
barrel cacti with my face! DOH! What a Gomer move! OUCH!!!

Should have got my buddy to snap some pics prior to pulling the
4 long spines out of my left cheek (not butt cheek either.. git yur
mind outta the gutter!)

I looked like one of those dudes in a Natl Geog. special on
Africa! :thumbsup: thats all into body piercings through the
lips, ears etc:

Spines that impaled my right hand through the glove hurt worse..
and my thumb is a bit jacked, will have to put some 'drawing'
salve on the worst couple of them.

Other than that, a great day for a ride (early) the unwashed masses
(a good busload of them from SunCity) showed as we turned and headed
back down. (about 1/2mi short of BV)

Good seeing you today EDR!


ps: No.. there wont be a rematch:skep:


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I'm getting some surgery on my left hand next tues. (old climbing injury) so not sure if I'll be cleared to ride for at least a week or so (till the stitches come out?) definitely want to get out and do that one sometime soon!
That's cool. Heal up.

We should plan a Sixshooter day real soon, before the winter dead fall and snow hit the top of that hill.
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