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Homer Erectus (FrankenBurner)

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Project No. 2 in the workshop was a simple swap of shocks to add even more travel to the Burner. WV sold me his old Vanilla RC off an XCE 6.5" by 1.75". Unfortunately the snow precludes a rear test ride, but with the XR rockers and the RC the Burner now has 4.6" in back and 4.5" up front with the Reba wound out to 115mm. Clearance seems OK in the back, but we'll see about tire contact on the seat post. WV says he never made contact. Geometry remains unchanged from the XR and RP3 set up. Weight went up abit from 27.5 to just over 28lbs. I'm not ditching the RP3 that's for certain, but this adds a little fun to the mix.


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Very nice. Gotta figure that you'll be sawing through those cables in the rear in no time with the extra travel though...
Hmm, I was actually thinking of trying that exact set up. I've been running the same rear shock all year and love it. Just replaced it with a Float RL to shave a full pound off my beast, and just lined up a set of XR rockers which I should be able to swing here in a couple of weeks.

Keep us posted on how it rides, as I'm thinkin it's going to be a while before I get to try mine.

happy trails...

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