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Homemade GoPro Helmet Mount

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I saw this video angle in an Aaron Chase/GoPro vid.
I decided to see if I could duplicate the angle; as you don't see this angle very often, and it gives a unique perspective.

I'm still figuring out a better mounting system besides duct tape and a helmet mount; and possibly some counter wieghting to better balance things out.

Here is a test run on the intermediate trail, at The Lair in Bend, Oregon

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Details on what you made the boom out of?
Needs zipties!

Version 2 added a small counterweight which does help a bunch.

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Finski said:
Details on what you made the boom out of?
the pole is light weight aluminum tubing. I anealed the sections of tube, where the bends are; so I could easily shape the pole without it kinking. I drilled and tapped an aluminum slug and pressed it into the end of the pole. I dimpled the outside of the pole where the slug is, so it wouldn't turn while tightening the cam.
good use of a ski pole Ouchy.
Cool mount...
The video almost looks unnatural because your head isn't moving a bit. I mean even when you land a jump your head isn't moving.
I'm going to have to try something like this too because it's a good angle to mix into a video.
excellent. you make riding that park look so easy. nice video. edit that in with someone grabbing fly by shots of you from various spots.
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