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Home made tire brews

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I'm looking for some input on making my own tire sealant, I thought I saw a recipe on this forum recently about mixing the latex with the Slime that has rubber bits in it, anyone remember that?? Anyway, besides the mixture, please include in your posts how often you have to replace it. Thanks all!!!
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I used 2 parts Stans to 1 part Slime tubeless (with the rubber bits) for a couple of years with excellent success. Better sealing on larger punctures than the pure Stans. In Moab and St. George, with mostly tiny thorns/cactus, the pure Stans worked fine.

Ultimately, I got tired of the whole deal, and went back to tubes. In thorn and cactus country, Specialized Airlock tubes served me well this past April.
I have recentrly noticed that my homebrew solution (50%latex, 25% water, 25% glycol to slow down evaporation) is much quicker in sealing holes and sidewalls than the original stans. I don't know the reason but I will not buy the stan's again. I am figuring out the best fiber / rubber bits composition to improve the bigger holes sealability. Currently using rubber shavings from grinding wheel, buth they have the tendency to form clusters... I love to experiment!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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