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Last night I was trying to get to the bottom of why I seldom ever see the last 20mm of travel (and have NEVER seen the last 15mm) on my 160mm travel 2013 Lyrik DPA that I picked up a couple years ago.

In order to rule out the damper side hydrolocking, I pulled the damper unit out. The fork was still on the bike, and I figured I could compress the fork without spilling the oil out.

Well I was right.... I could COMPRESS the fork without spilling any oil.

What I had not considered was that the rebound damper was still in there and forcing the fluid through a small port as the fork extended.

What resulted as the fork extended was a fountain of shock oil shooting out of the top of the fork. It got all over me, the floor, and the bike. Luckily it just missed getting on the brakes.

So.... lesson learned. Empty the fork oil next time.

FWIW, I traced the issue to the air spring (Dual Position Air). I started a different thread about this.
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