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After 3 years of riding with J7's I finally upgraded to a new set of fleaBay won Ultimates. Holy carp the weight difference is even more than I expected.

I saved a total of 167g with this change. That's HUGE when you don't have too many more things of that magnitude that can be swapped out.

Prior to changing the actual brakes, I downsized the rotors. That change netted a difference of 89g total.

So in the past week I dropped 256g (0.56lbs) just by monkeying with the brakes. And the cost per gram wasn't all that much either (~$1.36/g), well within the limits of sanity. If I sell the old brakes it lowers the cost even more. Awesome! :thumbsup:

Next up... new front wheel. It should be here any day. :D
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