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Have you guys seen this? Whoa!

Press Release
Intense Cycles New 2007 Mid Season Models
Intense Cycles will add three new models to the 2007 lineup. Based on feedback
from Intense riders, dealers and sponsored athletes, Jeff Steber has created
some exciting new VPP dual suspension designs. The 6.6 Slopestyle, Spider 69er
and 5.5 29er will all debut in 2007. To create the Slopestyle, Jeff took the
popular 6.6 and slackened the head angle lowered the bottom bracket and beefed
up the rear triangle, making it more "bike park" friendly. The Spider 69er
combines a 29 inch front wheel with a 26 inch rear and the 5.5 29er brings
longer travel and better tire clearance to the 29er platform.
Being one of the few companies producing bikes, in-house, we can react to the
market and produce small runs of multiple models. This allows Intense to satisfy
many of the niche segments other companies are forced to overlook. Because they
are tied to large purchase orders from overseas factories, the big guys have to
wait until a trend reaches a significant sales volume to dedicate a new model. We are always listening to our
customers needs and can design, prototype, test and get the bikes to market,
much quicker.

Paul Cusick
Director Sales and Marketing
Intense Cycles


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Maybe it's just something with the picture, but that Spider 69 looks like a high-wheeler or tricycle or something. Just doesn't look right.

OMR - Old Man Riding
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Danger! Danger! Danger!... Will Robinson!!!

Jeff Steber has created some exciting new VPP dual suspension designs. [/QUOTE said:
Please do not buy these bikes ... they will cause you to go wayyyy too fast. :nono: If God had wanted us to go this fast he would have given us harder bones & thicker flesh!!! This suspension thing is getting way out of hand ....We need to all return to completely rigid... for the safety of the human race....:thumbsup:

Oh well, I guess if you insist ....get the 5.5 red one, it's really cool :cool:

OMR ... starting to have lustful thought about new bikes...ugh!
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