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Hollowpoint question.

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Im looking at getting a hollowpoint expert and wanted to know if it can handle 3 or 4 foot dropoffs?
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should have no problem with handeling 3 to 4 foot drops as i ride alot of that kind of terrain and ride twice aweek and have had no problems i am also a 200 pound plus rider and have the rear shock in the long travel 4.5 setting and have the air pressure set at around 265 and very seldome hit very hard in the rear and allways use up most of the travel without bottoming hard (only bottoming on hard drops ) good luck and go for it they are an exceptional bike for the price and work very well in most all conditions IH is tops in my book RIDE ON
Good to hear. I've looked at alot of bikes and the hollowpoint is definatly at the top of my list.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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