Holiday gift guides for enthusiasts can sometimes be a challenge. How do you know what's really good? How do you know if the mountain biker on your list already has something? Are you going to have to take out a second mortgage to surprise or impress your favorite rider? Here are a few affordable, small gift ideas. And don't forget, you can always help support your local economy by finding out what bike shop is your cyclist's favorite and buy them a gift certificate.

IMBA - 2015 Calendar

IMBA 2015 Mountain Bike Calendar

IMBA's annual Mountain Bike Calendar is a perennial favorite of ours year after year. Not only do you get a "feel-good" feeling of supporting the organization that has done so much for mountain biking on so many levels, but you also get a pretty kick ass calendar. Highlighted each month are stunning photos of awesome trail destinations. Like IMBA says, "keep inspired all year round." $19.95

Club Ride - mens tees

Club Ride Ideal Ride/Man vs Machine/Segment 2015 tees

Club Ride Apparel makes some of the best mountain bike riding gear out there and they are really the originators of the current "new school" mountain bike gear that looks as good off the bike, as on. But they also make some pretty cool t-shirts. Shown here are the Ideal Ride, Man vs Machine and Segment 2015 tees. These shirts are all cotton-poly blend, come in 4 sizes and are super comfy. $22.95

Park Tool - apron, bottle opener, pint glasses

Park Tool apron, bottle opener, pint glass set

From Park Tool comes a selection of gift items. First up is the SA-1 Shop Apron, so your favorite biker can look like a pro even when he or she is just wrenching on their bikes this winter. Next up is the ever popular BO-2 Bottle Opener to help them with the most important job. And lastly, to go right along with their BO-2 is the PNT-4 Pint Glass set. Heck, if that mountain biker on your list has really been good this season, why not get all of these items? You'll still be under $50! Shop Apron - $18, Bottle Opener - $6.95, Pint Glass Set - $25

DeFeet - Hi-vis warmers

DeFeet Hi-vis Yellow Armskins & Coolmax Kneekers

Although primarily known for their socks, DeFeet also makes some pretty cool "Hi-vis" products including their Hi-vis Armskins and Hi-vis Kneekers. These items help keep you warm AND visible. The material is durable and they stay put (nothing is worse than arm/leg warmers that keep creeping down as you're riding.) Even after many washes, our set of Armskins has lasted and not faded at all. Both of these are available in Merino Wool and CoolMax Ecomade versions. What is Ecomade? Ecomade is made from recycled resources such as plastic bottles. Bonus: you can use them for trail running, too. $24.99 (each pair)

Steve Peat - Won't Back Down

Steve Peat "Won't Back Down" DVD/Blu-Ray/Downloadable Video

With so many great mountain bike videos available on the internet, sometimes it's easy to forget that giving a DVD/Blu-Ray makes a great gift. This year, Steve Peat's "Won't Back Down" really stands out. It is the story of Peaty's 23 years of racing bikes. From the DVD/Blu-Ray description: "Through 20 years of archival footage and photos and intimate interviews with Steve, his family, close friends and competitors, Won't Back Down DVD Blu-Ray takes viewers on a captivating tour of the history of the sport of downhill mountain bike racing and offers a never-before-seen view into the life and legacy of this enduring icon." $12.99 (iTunes download)/ $29.99 DVD-Blu-Ray Combo

Resource Revival Chain frame and bottle opener

Resource Revival - Chain picture frame and Chain bottle opener

Resource Revival is a really cool company based in Oregon that takes bike chains and reuses them to make a variety of gift type items. Highlighted here are the Bike Chain Frame and Bike Chain Opener made from post-consumer recycled bicycle chains. The Frame is available in 4x6 and 5x7 sizes and the Bottle Opener is 6" long and available in 6 colors (red, blue, silver, green, orange, black). They also make custom products for marketing purposes for your club or company as well as winner's medals. The Bike Chain Frame = $36 (4x6), $38 (5x7) and the Bike Chain Bottle Opener = $12

Niner - Upcycled Messenger Bag

Niner Bikes Pedal Damn It Upcycled Messenger Bag

Niner's Upcycled Messenger bag is stylish and environmentally sound. These bags are actually made for Niner Bikes by Alchemy Goods from Seattle. In fact, Alchemy Goods makes other items like wallets, purses, belts and other types of bags all out of recycled inner tubes. All the materials are sorted, cut, cleaned and prepped in their Seattle workshop and bags are assembled at a sewing shop in the neighborhood. Durable and water resistant, this bag is sweet. True, it's a bit heavier than other messenger bags due to the material used, but the good karma is worth the extra weight. Best part? Niner has these bags on sale right now. $82.50

TLD - SE Gear Bag

Troy Lee Designs SE Gear Bag

Troy Lee Designs makes more than just armor and helmets. Highlighted here is the TLD SE Gear Bag. This bag is as stylish as it is functional. It has a removable shoulder strap, venting for the end pockets (good for stashing your sweaty post-ride helmet) and plenty of pockets. It is also available in a wheeled version if your gear tends to be on the heavy side. $139