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OK, OK, I really mean to stop posting and get on with my life, but today I had a great riding experience.

I rode my Moment on the bike path to the Green Valley loop. This adds about 5 miles each way. This is the first ride I've done on a paved surface. As I was slowly spinning to warm up, a guy on a Merlin Extralight road bike passed me. I decided to see if I could hang with him. Of course, a nice bike doesn't mean the rider is any good, but this guy looked like he knew what he was doing, good high cadence and smooth spin, etc. I'm a middle of the pack sport MTB racer, and on a 32 pound 6 inch travel mountain bike with big low pressure tires, he should have left me in the dust.

I picked up the pace, and kept him within 50 yards for the next 3-4 miles we rode together, up and down some small hills and over a long flat section. When he turned left and I turned right at the end of the bike path, he looked startled to see me still behind him and shouted out "nice pace" as he rode away.

The DHX 5.0 shock is fantastic! I had the propedal set so that I felt absolutely no suspension movement while pedaling. (I can still see a little movement on the stretches where I pedal the most raggedly on off-road climbs.) I could feel the weight of the bike and particularly the wheels, but I think we were going about a steady 20-22 mph the whole time. I looked at my heart rate monitor, and I never got to my anerobic threshold. I can say for sure that the shock made the difference. On the way home I even tried one legged pedaling and the shock didn't noticibly move. I need to ride my Blur again to compare (it's been neglected lately), but I think the ride is at least as efficient as the Blur's because of the DHX shock.

I went to the racecourse near the GV loop and ran over the old finish stretch that goes over a steep rock g-out gully, several drops of up to about 2.5 - 3 feet and then a stretch of broken rock slabs that is a great test of suspension. I made 7 or 8 test runs and finished dialing in the suspension.

My final settings (for at least the next little while) are as follows:

My weight about 190 pounds; Estimated riding weight today 200-205 pounds

Bike Large Moment

Fork Fox TALAS 130
70 psi, compression and rebound both at 3rd position (from minimum)

Shock Fox DHX 5.0
600 # spring, 1 turn of preload
Boost valve 110 psi (decreased from 120)
Rebound 9th click (increased from 7th)
Bottom out 3/4 turn (increased from 1/2)
Propedal 9th click (decreased from 10)

For me, the key to setting up a suspension is to find a familiar stretch you can ride again and again. I got so tired in the heat today, I'm not sure I was coherent at the end, but I'm pretty sure I've got the suspension dialed.

I finished with a lap of the race course and then the rest of the Green Valley Loop for a total of about 30 miles. The shock is supple over the small stuff, it resists bottoming, and rides great.

The bike build is listed on the "Moment / DHX 5.0" thread on this board. I particularly like the 8 inch rotor in the front (GRC adaptor and rotor), it seems to balance out the braking for me. I'm very happy with the rest of the build, too.

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Great info

Thanks Bob. My DHX showed up yesterday and the spring should be in shortly. I'll start with your settings as a baseline and go from there as I weigh slightly more than you.
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