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HJ Access 65 photo request

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My basement houses an Access 65 frame fixture that mostly serves as an obstacle course for the different insects that also live there.

The adjustable rear axle dealio has gone missing and I'm wondering if anyone has one they wouldn't mind sharing photos of?

I've looked some online and came to the conclusion like so many things in life, I should just ask for what I want :)

I'm trying to decide if I care that the part is lost or not. I think I had the adjustable version, but even still, it would only work for, at best, 135mm axles I think.
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It looks like there were a few different styles of the HJ jig. There's the all-clear-ano version (that I have, also shown here) and one with black ano like Meriwether has here. They appear to use different styles of rear axle mounting or maybe mine was just modified by its original owner.

Which do you have? If we don't have the same version I think I could connect you to someone else with the other style. Or I can share the CAD files I used to make a fork axle holder.
Thanks - I have similar/same one in the first link that is raw aluminum. In fact, when I bought it back in 2010, the seller had printed off the photos of that Blog and put them into the instruction manual.
Sweet, I'll take photos/measurements next time I'm up at my shop. If you don't hear anything in the next few days, feel free to send a reminder.
thanks - the photos would probably be the perfect start, appreciate it very much.
Mine is this other style.
Do you use a custom axle in the holder? That’s the part I’m missing.
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Ahhhh gotcha. I think the original owner of this jig (Donkelope Bikes) must have replaced that block with one he made to hold "modern" Anvil/PMW style axles.
Appreciate you looking at it.
Do you want me to dimension out that block? Wouldn't take too much time and is something you could mill or get CNC'd pretty cheap I imagine.
I think it's set up to use a 1" diameter OD dummy axle to sit in that cradle and affix with an M6 or M8 bolt or something of the sort. I printed one, so I have a kind of rough first draft of a model.
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