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HITG Update - 7/17

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Traversed hole in the ground today...a mix of beauty, hiking, and bliss.

The initial climb had a couple of significant snowdrifts near the top, but nothing too serious. Great weather today. Nice flowers. The middle third of the ride (after the descent off of Andesite), however, had frequent snowdrifts. On/off the bike...a lot. Note: Sidis have lousy snow traction.

Most of the trail (85%) is in great shape, and was hoot-worthy. A testament to the FATRAC folks.

If you want to ride the whole thing, and not hike lots of snowdrifts, you'll be waiting another week or so. For those who do ride it, please don't cut new lines around snow and deadfall...there's a bit of that going on in a few spots and there's some damage.

Anyway, thought folks here would appreciate an update.
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Thanks Neptune.. I will give it a go next week, probably Wed.. I know there is one drift about 1/2 way in that is persistent.. I bet the water crossings were deep for this time of year!
Most of the water crossings were fine - but the one on the road on the way out was DEEP. Cold...but refreshing at the point I hit it!

You should be doing well if you go mid-week...
thanks, confirms we did the right thing. my group was going to do it last weekend but decided against it because of warnings of snow. we ended up doing toads sat and had such a good time did it again sunday

back in a few weeks for HitG!
still lots of snow about 1/2 mile of hike a bike total to get through. And quit a few trees down, People ae making new tracks around snow and trees :nono: other wise still great ride
Looking forward to hitting that in a couple weeks. One of my favorite drive-bys.
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