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Hinton Skills Park

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Hey all...
We went to check out phase two of the Hinton Bike park and were very impressed. Designed and built by Jay Hoots and crew this park has something for everyone. If Edmonton area riders are making the trip to Jasper to ride xc I highly recommend a quick stop in Hinton. Even on xc bikes you will have a blast. This is a perfect park to dial in your skills which transfer well to trail riding. Those of you with slopestyle/dj bikes will have an absolute blast hammering around the well built jumps/berms/pumptack and slopestyle course. Its also great for those who have little to no experience on North Shore style terrain. You will also get a great work out as you have to pedal or walk back up to the top.
Get there to check it out and then wonder why your hometown doesn't have a bike park.

Big props to the HMBA for all the hard work to get this facility open.
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looks very cool...last week a friend and I did a free bike tune-up thing here in Castlegar and it gave us a chance to talk to some of the locals about biking...a couple mentioned how awesome it would be to have a skills park for the kids (of all ages) in town...just need to get organized...anyways, looks like an awesome job and lots of fun
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