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highline - reclaimer

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nice ride on canada day with hizz and x-ker.

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finally stopped snowing in canmore
LeeL said:
finally stopped snowing in canmore
It's only ever a pause in snowing. I've been snowed on every month of the summer while riding in the Rockies.
Them steps at the top of the Reclaimer ain't gettin' no smoother!

I've learned enough times (the hard way) to drag a full selection of arctic-gear around with me. 3 weeks back we got caught by a bitterly cold rainstorm while circumnavigating Mt.Rundle. Not quite snow, but pretty darn close....

The new Highline trail is great fun all around. I think I'll go ride it this afternoon. Thanks for the photo-inspiration!

Where are the access points for these trails?
Quarry Lake parking lot, about halfway up the hill to the Nordic Centre in Canmore.
There are 4 possible access points (in order from east to west):

1) Three Sisters Creek (no "official" access route to get to the trailhead, but a multitude of unofficial options) (no "official" exit yet for that matter)
2) Peaks of Grassi: no good parking, but if you're riding you'll find the trail at the eastern end of the Peaks of Grassi subdivision.
3) Quarry Lake. Good parking lot (sometimes full) ride straight up gravel path from parking lot, keep going across powerline right of way, keep climbing.
4) Riders of Rohan: descend Riders from the top or from Grassi Lakes, cut right onto Highline and begin climbing nasty loose switchbacks. You can also start climbing from the powerline down lower if you want even more nasty climbing (yuck).

Download the gov't map here:

Actual routing may vary slightly from the red dashed line shown on the map (map preceeded the completion of the trail)
Thanks it's been 6 or 7 years since I've ridden in the Canmore area, too much time spent on the road bike. Time to get back to the good stuff.:thumbsup:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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