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It's about showing up.
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We have not forgotten you. We have been very busy getting things going. We have had about 8 different Forum Members contribute their parts, frames, and even bikes to our effort and I have been in personal contact with them all. We had our first ride yesterday and 1/3 of our riders are on Team Bikes. 3 of those came from the donations we recieved from this Forum and each one of them is a much better bike than my first one! I'm talking XT and mavic.
I promise a full report when things settle down. In the meantime I thought I should at least make a noise of acknowlegement to the spirit of this Forum.
Also, I wanted to let you know that I also posted in the Women's Lounge for support for our new Girls and they have responded very nicely. At their suggestion I have set up a Club Account at PayPal to recieve cash donations as they want to sponsor one of our Girls. If you would care to support us with even a small cash donation you can do it here at:

Our account is:

[email protected]

Remember, it is tax deductible. Our thanks to everyone.
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