In January of 2022, Stan's Notubes unveiled its new M-Pulse hub, built in the US by Project321. These hubs use a magnetically-actuated, six-pawl ratchet drive system with 216 points / 1.66° degrees of engagement.

One of the first questions readers had about the new M-Pulse hubs was "How do they sound?"

You asked, Stan's listed. The company rounded up other popular hubs and recorded what the M-pulse hubs sound like compared to other hubs.

Here's what Stan's did to make sure the audio was as accurate as possible:
  • All audio was captured at the same fixed level with a direction mic placed 2.5-inch from the non-drive side of the hub
  • This is raw audio, meaning that no adjustments have been made
  • Stan's recorded on the same frame with the rear brake removed to eliminate any potential brake drag noise and kept the bike in the same gear for each recording
  • Note that tires and rims are a variable here, and the last service varies from hub to hub
  • Because hub sound changes depending on rotation speed, they recorded the first four and last four seconds of the rotation
Now, onto the sound bites...

Don't see your hub here? Send an email to [email protected], and they'll see what they can do about it.