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Hey all,

I am getting back in trail shredding after 10 years without it. I am 25 and spent my childhood ripping around hitting jumps, trails, and homemade northshore.

I bought a Breezer Supercell Team from a friend for a pretty good deal and have been using it to bike to work and hit some local trails here in San Diego.

I have fallen back in love with riding and am looking at also getting a long(er) travel hardtail as I have always been a bit more partial to those.

Initially I wanted to build something but have settled on buying a complete bike. I have been really liking the Nukeproof Scout COMP and its set up and cost.

Anyone here have any opinions on this bike or similar suggestions?

I am looking for:
~150mm fork
27.5 wheels, 15mm front and 12+mm rear axles
tapered headtube
a shredding machine.

I am still getting caught up on all the new tech and developments in the industry, so any suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated!


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