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Hello, I am in my 2nd season of mountain biking, and my Forth in biking.
I am soon going to be 53, and went with 2 years of biking experience on crushed gravel trails and woods roads too riding the advanced single track trails in the trail network at French Fort Cove here in Miramichi, New Brunswick,Canada.
I am a member of the local mountain bike club and help out with the grooming of trails etc when ever I can.
I am riding a 2006 Reign, I have had some upgrades on the bike, I got a set of carbon handle bars, fox forks and a better set of brake levers.
I started out four years ago with a Giant Yukon,kept that for about a week,then got a Giant Warp DS 2, then last year got the Giant Reign,its a great bike.
I am learning every day out on the trails, I still have not mastered every thing on the trails, but am improving slowly but steadly, and having a blast doing it,just wish I would have started to ride earlier.
Last Year I went down to Back Country Excursions in Southern Maine and rode some of the trails down there,great place with some awesome people and excellent trails.
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