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Hi new to the forum

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Well let me get this started, my name is Corey :D I live down here in Roswell and have just started riding again... Well I'm just getting into the sport and have a mongoose bike that i bought from walmart... I know I've read you get what you pay for so on the 23 of this month I'm venturing up to Albq. I'm going to a few places like REI thats the only place that i know Of but just going to check out bikes with no real intention to buy as of yet ill be looking for new and used so if you guys can send me to a few places or wanna meet up that'd be cool. By the way I'm 21 turning 22 on wed. I ride a lot in town and i wanna take it a little further so ill be looking for a descent bike. i'm thinking hard tail due to I'll be in town for most of it and there are a few trails in Ruidoso and some in Alto and out side of here that I would like to try and ride...Well sorry for the long post but i hope to hear from some of the locals.
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Welcome Corey!! I live in La cruz great ridding here!! When in Albq go by Bike Works on Carlisle and tell them I sent you, great guys!! And very friendly!! Learn to fix your basics on your bike, (flats, cable adjustments) etc and life will get easier for you. If ever in La Cruz (Cruces) go by Outdoor Adventures tell em I sent you also GREAT guys known them FOREVER!! Don't forget your helmet and to have FUN!!
Thanks man One question If im supposed to say you sent me whats your name? of just your user name?
Just tell them "A funny looking old guy, slow and been ridding for a loong time, and always finishes races" LOL Just say Freddie.
Cool man thanks so why are you not riding right now? JK
LOL LOL ! Valid point!! I do other things in life also.......for me it's called balance.....studying.taxes. I do taxes partime for a compnay, I'm retired hey why ain't you ridding?/ LOL
I'm on call I am a surgical tech for the local hospitals... and my handle bars are stripped and i think i need a new neck and bars but dont know how how to strip all the stuff off my self.. and we have no bike stores here...
Hey cory PM me and send me ur e-mail and i can write u easier.
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