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Welcome to my 1st post. I used to ride all the time until I jumped my wheels
to death and my Zaskar LE has been collecting dust for nearly 3 years :eek:
I just dropped about $650 on rebuilding everything around my favorite frame
and I'm hype to get back in the saddle!
All my components were pretty much left over from my GT Pantera I had.
I sold that frame, bought the Zaskar LE new and now I finally relpaced all
the worn out crap. So on order I have
XT/517 wheelset - Panaracer TrailBlasters
04' Marzocchi MX Comp (replacing my 97' RS indy XC :p )
Easton Monkey Bar/EA70 stem
WTB Comp V saddle
Deore rear DR (replaced the Shimano STX one)
Deore V-brakes and new shifter/BL combos
Odi Rogue Lock Ons
SRAM cassette
i think thats it...
a bit pricey but it feels good to have all ths stuff on the way.
feels like an old friend is coming home.
Thanks to all of you and your posts that helped me decide on some of this stuff.
Peace out from Milwaukee!

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Welcome back! I'm recently back in the saddle too. Kinda did the burnout, had an accident, graduated from college, got married fat and old thing. New parts are great, aren't they? Are you seeing what I'm seeing? All the parts that were new and expensive when I used to ride more are cheap and in the closeout bin. Only problem is there are so many new parts to drool over.

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