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Here is the low down... I am running old school HFX 9's ('04 model), bleed them a few days ago, put in fresh pads, everything was wonderful, full stopping, oh so nice.... 2 days later, rear brake lever goes to the handle bar, now everything is not so nice. Checked my pads, not contaminated, re-bled the in all probably a good times just to make sure of no air in the lines. Pushed my calipers back each time, and after each time my modulation in the lever is great until I start riding and using them. I am stumped accept for two thoughts. 1. All these years of dirt riding has gummed up the calipers, and upon a fresh bleed made things go to hell.

2. Could there be a dirt clog in the line somwhere?

As we all know Hayes has discontinued all products prior to the Stroker series including caliper rebuild kits...and they are hard to least for me.

Soooooooooooo any thoughts from HFX gurus out there?

Otherwise my options are, pick up a new set of HFX from the LBS for a great price, or go with a complete different brake, which would most likely be the Stroker Trail (I love Hayes!)
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