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Haven't got a pic, but I can say without a doubt one of the top five things this past year was the new Sandywash detour in BC. Now I look forward to 2010 and some more new trails that are as good.

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Moving to Fort Collins this year was my 1st fav! Riding so many new trails this year was unreal. Here's to next years explorations!

1st pic is Wathen trail, little staircase rock clearing on the Spot. 2nd pic is Audra Culver trail. 3rd is Crosier, which, so far is my favorite trail in CO ; )


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Painful as this thread is gonna be!

In a good way!

One of mGe's tours
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Silver Creek trail mmmm!
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t.i.t.s. ride Dan and Bevin
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Dan and Bevin
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t.i.t.s. ride
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"what took you guys so long?"
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Good ol Spikefest!
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Lubes chuggin along spikefest
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Early morning rides - love the peace and solitude...

almost doesn't look like CO ...

T.I.T.S. crew knows this one ...

CT: Kenosha to Georgia pass- a fall time classic ...

More CT goodness. Yep, there's some sigletrack winding in that aspen grove ...

Damn! This makes me want to ride :thumbsup:
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