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Any of you on the slopes yet? Hows the builds going?
Here is an update on yesterdays Mt. Hood adventure
We got 4 runs in on the Alpine Trail thats 22 miles of downhill ski-bike bliss. With 12,000 + vertical feet of drop.

There is a 44 inch base at the bottom and much much more 3,000 plus vertical feet up the hill at Timberline. but it hadn't given us any new snow in over a week. With warm afternoon temps and freezing nights we hit the trail at dawn and on the first run the snow was a solid sheet of ICE it was so friggen fast and about impossible to control your speed, dragging your feet was useless as your feet slid almost as well as your ski's. So off we go bombing down the mountain virtually out of control trying to tail whip the bike and use the rear edges as a braking device, my rear ski edges slipped twice on the ice and needless to say down I went. This kind of snow condition and a steep vertical drop can be pretty scary..

I almost got a newby up on one of my bikes yesterday prob. a good thing he didn't make it nothing like scaring the piss out of someone on their first ski-bike experience. He wouldn't have had any worries about getting lost on the second run just follow your own piss trail :D

By the second run the top layer of ice had pretty much broken up and the trail was rippable and still extremely fast, man that second run was fun. :D :D
With each run after progressively getting a little slower each time. By the 4th run the short fairly flat section at the bottom was getting pretty slow and we was all ready to call it a day.

All and all we had a great day on the mountain with nothing broken (bikes or bodily) But sorry guys I forgot the camera at home so there is no pics to show


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Deweydude said:
I know I am sorry but I forgot the camera at home :eek:
yeah but that is better than taking the camera and then taking pictures and being too lazy to unload the pictures...I still have video from Mammoth last july....maybe I will get out this weekend ride pics...we had LOD in SOCAL
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