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The FourAssedMonkey said:
I'm sellin my v10...

03 frame, 03 superT, hayes,Blackspire guide,Northshores, PlanetX Rims, SRAM Shorty Shifting system and KendaNevegals.

What do you guys think is fair?
i think you should sell it to me for 2 dollars at the most, i mean that thing is a total pos :D

i think you could probably get like 2200 for it, if i remember right tony bought his v10 awhile ago for about that much.

oh another thing, would you please sell me you seat. that thing is so pimptastic and im british so that would be badass.

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Man I am sorry about your bike. Too bad it is not worth much. I feel generous and will offer you a real smoking deal of $500.00. Hopefully that helps you out.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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