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I was up there a couple weeks ago - no real "pro" shop on site, though they do have tubes and such for sale. I would suggest bringing your own spare parts and tools.

Have fun, its a cool place. Make sure to hit the "kamakazee" trail...I think it's #25. Good stuff.

be350ka said:
PCinSC and I are coming up on Sunday. We are so excided!!!! Just wondering... Do you have a PRO shop on site?

Wondering if we should bring spare parts (chains)?

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bighitdon said:

let me know if you wanna borrow anything for the trip. i got almost a whole shop i my basement. i'll be working all day friday and saturday so i'll be easy to find.

Thanks Don!! I wish your leg/foot was feeling better so you could join us. But, dont worry. We will make another trip in Sept. and I'll let you know when we are going so you can join us. Take care of yourself and, again, I appreciate your offer.:thumbsup:

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