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Here is where I am at the moment. I plan on doing a ride this Memorial Day and it is a mix of dirt trails, road and lots of gravel. I do not want to take my Sedona as the Gearing is low enough that it stinks trying to maintain a decent speed (over 10mph) for any length of time. My trance is just too much Mountain bike for the road parts and probably gravel.

So, I am getting a new road bike this spring (Schwinn LeTour Classic) and my 36 year old Continental will take a back seat to that.

The ride organizer suggests a touring bike or a Cross bike. What I want to do is put on CX tires and use that road proven, go anywhere battle tank for the ride. Maybe even add a flat bar and better brakes. Is this seen as Heresy in the biking world? I know the vintage Schwinn purists will plotz at hearing this but as a kid I did things with my Varsity that many folks wont do on a mountain bike!

I am sure the Continental can handle the task, just looking for your thoughts....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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