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Cheers from Italy everyone.

Let me take the chance to introduce you my beloved stallions.

The red and white one is the FRW Harder xt 2010,all carbon frame and full XT,Made in Italy,excellent and nervous bike,very funny.

The second baby is the Lapierre X control 910 2010,delivery is due mid feb. 2010. Pic not mine.
Funny thing is the I've bought the FRW and the passion quickly picked up ,so I had to buy a FS and got myself the Lapierre with the excuse of not having the same legs and flexibility of a 18 year old ( that's what I've told wife to keep her cool....;) )

I really wanted to test some american products(Specy or Cannondale) but I've been warned about difficulties in finding spare parts back in EU ( dont' know if it's true anyway,this was a guy selling bikes at Harrod's in London,gotta be a reliable source I guess.....:rolleyes: ). Since I live on a island I just did not want to take the risk anyway. I had to sell a couple of watches to fund for the Lapierre ( watch collecting was another hobby of mine),but never regret that,let's turn those piece of mechanic steel sleeping in the safe into hardcore pumping carbon frames !!!:thumbsup:

I hope you enjoy them (lousy cell phone pics)


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