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Anyone up for doing an easy ride in Henry Coe this Saturday? By "easy" I mean by Coe standards. In other words, not one of the 30+mile, "hope to make it back before dark" epics that is so typical. Instead, the ride I'm thinking of is only a measly 12-14 miles with 2,500'-3,00' of elevation gain :p

Weather permitting, I'm thinking of doing some variation of the following loop: HH>Coit Rd>Anza/Jackson>Wasno> Thule Pond> Grizzly Gulch> Serpentine> Steer Ridge> Middle Steer Ridge> HH . Options could be to eliminate the single track climbing and stick to fire roads until it's time to come down, taking Tower down to Grizzly gulch instead of Thule Pond, taking Lyman Wilson down instead of Middle Steer, etc. I just want to stick to the same general loop.

Intermediate pace-figure 3-4 hours for the loop. Anyone interested should plan to meet at Hunting Hollow around 9:00, rolling by 9:30.
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