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OK, So I am trying to lace a set of Enve 29" xc to a set of Chris King R45 Disc hubs. All of the wheel and hub specs are listed below.

So, I was thinking that I need to make an adjustment to the measurement due to the internal nippling on the Enve XC. Not know the answer, I called Enve. They said, "Just add 10mm to your calculations." I tried this and the front spokes came out to 292.9 and the rear came out to 304.4.

These seemed to be way too long to me, so I started going to shops and asking how they would calculate the lengths. Two shops with experienced wheel builders to me to just use the calculations provided on any online calculator. One other shop told me to add 15 to the ERD, then calculate. The last shop told me to add 7mm to each nipple length. So, I have tried to build the wheels each of these ways and I cannot get them to build right.

With the 15 added to the ERD, the measurements came out to within .3 of all of the measurements of adding 7mm to each spoke length. I have tried building the weels using these calculations and the spokes are again too long.

I have also tried to create the wheels using the standard ERD listed, but those wound up too short.

So, what I did is looked at the spoke length calculators on,,, freespoke, Leonard, and Zedwheels.

They all came in with about .5 of each other in calculation, but right now, i have no idea what to believe. Can someone please help me out to figure out my correct length spoke for this weekend.

Specs: Rear Wheel and Rim:
ERD 597 (Enve XC 29")
Axel Width 135mm ( Chris King R45 Disc)
Flange Diamenter drive side 57.4
Flange Diamenter non-drive side 57.4
Center to flange drive side: 19.3mm
Center to flange non=drive 2side 34.3mm
28 spoke, 3 cross pattern?

Can anyone please help me with getting these spoke lengths, so I can build my wheels
Please her me wigth this last one. Thank you all in advance.

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My brain nearly exploded while reading your question. Add 15 to ERD? Add 7mm to nipple length? WTF??? Why would you need to add anything to ERD, and which ERD are we talking about? One quoted by Enve or one you measure yourself?

- forget Enve's quoted ERD
- get 2 spokes that are much longer than the rim radius
- install the 2 spokes in opposite holes on the rim using the ENVE nipples
- thread the spokes into the nipples to the exact point where you want them to be when the wheel is done
- pull J-ends of the spokes toward each other and let them overlap in a nice parallel fashion
- in the overlap region between the 2 spokes draw a perpendicular line across the 2 spokes with a thin marker
- take the spokes out of the rim, measure the lengths from the threaded end to the mark on each spoke and add them together - this is your ERD.
- plug the ERD from the previous step into any reputable on-line calculator to get your spoke lengths, no adjustments needed.

Disclaimer: I've never worked with Enve rims, or even seen one in real life. Quick research on-line tells me there is nothing special about them other than the fact the nipples are hidden. So I don't see why they would be exempt from the standard ERD measuring method as described above.
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