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A friend of mine told me he was interested in mountain biking so he rented a 29er and we hit the trails. He had a good time and told me he wants to get a bike. I gave him some info about tire sizes, hardtail vs fs, etc and took him to a few bike shops. Have another shop to check out some Giant bikes at but right now he has narrowed it down to these three

1. Specialized Rockhopper 29 $880
2. Scott Aspect 730 27.5 $650
3. Raleigh Tokul 2 27.5 $700

He is 5'9" 140 lbs and his budget is $800 and he is looking for something that's not a Wal-Mart special but not a $4000 bike. He told me he liked the more nimble feel of the 27.5 over the 29.

The main question I had was about the Raleigh. I don't know much about them or their bikes and can't find any information online. Compared to the Scott the Raleigh had a 120 mm fork instead of 100mm and he said he liked the feel of it better than the Scott or the Specialized. Any comments on these bikes, his situation, or any other bikes to look at? I feel the Scott is the best deal, he wants to buy local

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What bike did he rent?
He is going to be limited by the bikepath designed Suntour fork on those bikes.
They won't last long on Colorado Springs better trails.
No adjustable rebound=pogo
Heavy and flexy.
Nick at Suntour offers a Raidon air fork upgrade if you bought one of those bikes and want to ride singletrack.
It costs $200 shipped.
Take him to some demo days where bikes with good suspension options can be tested on trail.
Check the local club classifieds for some used options.
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