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Help with V Brakes tweaking.

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Heya; beginner here; anyway, I just moved everything into my new apartment and the front brakes on my ibex bike are kinda off. The right side of the brakes seem to be closer to the tire than the left and "stick" to the tire if I brake. I don't know how to get them even.. anyone have a quick rec or fix?

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yes it can be fixed but how you do it depends on what brand and model brake you have. There are springs in each brake arm that pull the pad back away from the rim. These springs are adjustable. Usually there is a tiny screw on each brake arm that adjusts the spring tension. I suggest you tighten screw for the spring on the right brake arm to increase the spring tension on that side and pull the arm away from the rim. When the tension in both arms is balanced they will both be equal distance from the rim. Turn the screw a little bit at a time and squeeze the brakes a few times until things look centered.

NOW if the pad is jammed under the TIRE, that is something very different and potentially more dangerous.
Another very simple possibility is that the the front tire didn't get seated properly the last time you took it off and put it back on (maybe when you moved?). Make sure you check that the rim is centred and the axle is seated evenly in the fork before you tighten your quick release.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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