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Help with stuck bottle cage bolt

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My mis-spent years as a weight weenie has finally turned around and bit me. An aluminium bottle cage bolt is stuck on my frame, with the tiny 3mm allen head rounded out. I sawed a groove on the bolt head and tried to remove it with a screwdriver but it still won't budge.

My next move would be to drill the head of the bolt out, remove the bottle cage and attempt to remove the remainder of the bolt with a vice-grip. But before I do this, I thought I'd check here if there is any other suggestion for removing the bolt.

Specifically, is there a tool that works like reverse-threaded bit that I can screw into the stuck bolt?

Thanks in advance for all replies.
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joeadnan said:
...Specifically, is there a tool that works like reverse-threaded bit that I can screw into the stuck bolt?...
You mean an "easy-out"? Usually used in combo with a reverse drill bit too.
joeadnan said:
...any other suggestion for removing the bolt...
The standard; soak in liquid wrench or similar penetrating oils, heat, impact tool or punch and hammer, cut head off and use vise grips on the stub, and prayer. I guess it no biggie putting in a new bottle cage nut in the frame if you have to. There is a thread below on the subject.
Aluminum is a horrible material for fasteners...

You're going to have to drill it out.

Don't try the vise-grip thing it will just mangle the screw and make the next possible solutions more difficult. The stripped socket in the head will help start the drill centered.

Start with an 1/8-inch left-hand drill bit, drilling in reverse with the left-handed bit may be enough to remove the screw.

If that doesn't work you have a centered hole to try an Easy-out screw extractor.
An Easy-out is a tapered screw-looking thing that bites into the stuck screw as you advance it. It's left handed so the torque goes into removing the screw.

If the easy-out doesn't work you still have a centered hole to drill out the entire screw. The screw should be an M5 so you'll need to drill to 4.1mm or 0.161 inches (number 20 or 21 drill). If you are careful (and lucky) and the drill stays centered and only the threads will be left. Chase it with a tap and your back in business.
Ratt and Toolsnob,

Thanks much for the suggestions.

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