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SO I found a local Fox 36 Van Rc2 (160mm) shock and the steer tube is cut to 8.5. I want to make sure it will work fine.

the frame is a Transition trans am (medium)
head tube length is 4.72
Deity Fantom Stem is 1.49 (stack height)

I am using a Transition Integrated Headset (Style: Campy) I am not sure how much of it will be exposed to account for the steer tube, you can click HERE to see that it says 30.2x41.8x7. 30.2mm (1.18) being the height.

With the head tube and stem equaling to 6.21, that leaves me with 2.29. Will that be enough or is there something else I need to account for?

Thank you

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8.5" should be more than enough for most frames. when you're getting down to 6.5" to 7", then you might have to start worrying. fwiw, i am getting a 36 with a 6.7" steerer and it will fit on my enduro with a king headset and a d2 stem. now THAT is a tight fit. all of those parts pretty much add up to 6.73". you'll have plenty of room.
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