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The image attached here is a find that a mate of mine made. Picked it up at the local market, and he took what he wanted, and offered me what you see here. I plan to set this up as an SS XC ride, with minimal outlay where possible.

I found out on the GT forum that it needs a 5.25x1.5 inch (130x35mm) shock on the back, and I have a nicely tweaked Duke with Psylo internals to go into the front.

Can anyone make suggestions for a shock (new or used) for this ride?
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try Risse Racing

I still have my GT LTS-2.

I think you have the wrong shock dimensions.
The shock should be 5.25"x1.25".

You're missing the upper mounting bolt which may be hard to find.
It's an M6 shoulder bolt with an M5 threaded end that screws into the left link.
I retrofitted a 5.5"x1.25" Vanilla RX to my LTS-2.
I drilled out the left link to receive a full length M6 bolt.
And drilled a set of extra holes in the lower mounting
tabs to receive an M6 bolt rather than the larger standard M8.
I reinforced the tab with a large washer and JB Weld.

Sorry, no pics. The bike is at my son-in-law's house, miles away.

Found a pic before I reinforced the lower tabs.
I also had to remove the link cross brace to clear the reservoir.
I wasn't too concerned since the top mount was now a proper bolt and nut.


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