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So I have a new Anthem 29 and am having some issues with rear brake mounting. I have asked in the brake forum and got good replies but no one seems to have a definitive answer. I want to check here to see if anyone can help or has ran into the same issue on the same frame.

I am mounting XTR trail brakes to 180mm rear rotor. It is post mount rear (which I have not seen often before.) To do this I was told to but the same adapter/spacer as the front (which is the usual post mount style on the Fox fork). The Shimano model # is SM MA F180P/ P2

This work perfect on the front but when I mount it on the rear it is not correct. Here is an image of the wear marks showing that the caliper is not positioned/spaced properly.

I know that is not correct. The caliper is too far to the outside.

I mounted the 160mm rotor which requires no spacer and here is the wear mark.

This still is not perfect, but I think it is acceptable and would work properly.

So my question is if anyone is using a 180mm rear rotor and if so what adapter are you using???

Thanks so much for any input at all.
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