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Hey ladies! Some cool and exciting news out of Park City, Utah! My sister just launched a new mountain bike clothing brand FOR WOMEN called Rock Roselle. To get Rock Roselle off the ground, she is doing a Kickstarter campaign which is already over 50% funded.

Let's help a fellow female business owner and mountain bike guide launch her company and be a part of a new clothing line by getting her 100% funded!


When contributing to Rock Roselle's Kickstarter campaign, you are not simply donating funds. You are actually purchasing Rock Roselle's new apparel items and directly establishing and supporting a new local business. Available for purchase via Kickstarter is their new Skylar Jersey, RR branded hats, t-shirts, and travel packages that include private guided mountain bike lessons or trips in Park City, Utah.

Kickstarter is ALL OR NOTHING and she needs to hit 100% of her goal by August 15th to receive funding. This is where I am asking for your help. There is still a huge space in the marketplace for well made, well fitting women's MTB gear. Rock Roselle can fill that gap.

Please share with any fellow mountain bike enthusiasts! Thanks!!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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