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Hi Guys

Short introduction - I was always a pasive reader here but now I needed to finally create an account.

I am a 32 year old rider from Switzerland. Last week I was enjoying 1 week of Portes-du-Soleil in France (aka the whistler of Europe). There I tried out the new Transition Patrol with a 180 mm Fork from my friend who did upgrade this season. An I was blown away. At the moment I am riding for Park a Devinci Wlsn Carbon and a Transition Covert Carbon for Trail/everyday bike. I have only theoretically been following the bike evolution in the last couple of years - and now after riding and experiencing the new capabilities of those "super enduros" I finally decided I will go for a single bike approach as well.

Because maintaining 2 Bike simply burns a hole in my pockets :D you will know what I mean ;-)

My choice was actually a Patrol as well - but after having a stunning deal on an orange Nomad 4 Carbon Frameset - I had to pull the trigger asap.


so to the actual topic:

I already have the setup in mind.

My riding style:
30% Park
70% Hometrail (since I live near the Swiss Alps - those can be Parky as well with some 2 meter drops and 2 meter gaps - but I need to pedal up +/- 600 meters (<- sorry for beeing a metric-douche):rolleyes:

SRAM eagle drive
Rockshoxx Lyrik rc2 ultimate 180
Saint Brakes (always and forever :D)
DT Swiss Alloy Wheels (should feel better than carbon in the park)
Maxxis Assegai Front - rear I dont care ... probably an Ardent for climbing

Its going to be a ****ing beast :D !!!! I also know that this build will be an overkill for my hometrails ... but hey ... there are worst things that can happen :D

I wanted to order the fork ... and then the whole misery started.^
What Offset to choose??? 37 or 46 ???

I will definatly ride the Geometry-Chip on "Low" settings.

I spend hours searching - I know that some people say (and I might think that as well) that it does absolutely not matter - and its pure marketing. But Since I have the choice I want to get it right.

So please help me ... what Fork should I choose?

What you recommend for the tires .... no compromise for going down (the actual part I enjoy) and go for DH spec tires ... or focus on line choice and go for Exo and foldable tires so save 400 gramms `?

I have to admit ... those choices where way easier with 2 dedicated bikes :D

Another question is just your general feedback: you see any problems in the build? anything you experienced will not work out as I imagine?

I will probably need some input from you on my other parts as well when I start selecting :D the cassette is already making me headache as well :D

Thank you so much already for your help!

Ill promise to post a pic of the bike when im done!
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