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Help With Manitou Rear Suspention

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okay , stay with me on this one,
how do you remove the stantions on a rear sus
stripped front before but trying to do rear , and cant see how ,
on the front you undo bolt on bottom of legs .
but on the rear , no such bolt ? cos of welded on pivot points .
the only way i can see is to unscrew the whole lower leg assy from the pivots,
there is a join there with what looks like a black seal ?
where the dropouts are normally placed
obviosly im not going to do this until i am absolutely sure !
just want to strip them to regrease and inspect ( just got frame )
need to remove the compression rod to do this and cant get at the ***** ,
so i cant remove the stantions either .
got all the original manuals too but no mention on how to do it ?????
any ANSWERs ( sorry for the bad joke ) gratefully recieved and appreciated .
thanks jon
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Have you taken out the elastomer stack and looked down inside the stanchions to see if there are Allen headed bolts at the bottom of each inside leg?

Also, there are circlips at the top of each leg's seal at the stanchion/slider junction. This may need to be removed as well.

Just two not-so-educated guesses...

large clips , dust seals and upper bushings are off, stack out .
looked for bolts , thinking of manitou 1,
definately no bolts visible .
It just seems so primitive to have those outer tubes thread onto the lower pivot junction...I gues you could try nudging them gently with your hands to see if they move...I'd suggest removing each leg from the bike entirely first, though...

sorry for bringing an old thread back , but i figure its worth it ...

finally stripped the rear forks down , thanks to a lbs

it takes a 6mm allen key , which fits directly into the top of the black plastic compression rod

not a 5mm " through the centre of the rod " like the manitou 3 / 4

also walked away with this :thumbsup:


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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