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tl;dr - I have questions about chainline setup and spindle spacers (below)

background (reference docs and pics attached)
I'm putting together a fat bike with a 190mm rear and a 120mm bottom bracket. Have the Raceface Ride EXI crankset (XCF190) and a Raceface X type bottom bracket. This combination appears to be outside of the documentation's (attached) guidance for BB + spindle spacer setup and I'm having trouble getting it in under 80mm. In combination with too tight of a chain (oops - new chain coming) the taller gears are stiff and noisy, and the tallest gear rubs the derailleur cage.

Raceface tech sent me the BB30 setup and said to use that spacer combination but I'm still +80mm. A little rough math says if I move 1 BB spacer to the non drive side, and then a few spindle spacers over to the non-drive side, I'd bring it back to the 78mm range, which seems to be in spec. It also provides even spacing between the crank arm and the chain stay on the bike. But I'm definitely off-roading here and can't seem to get the right combination of spindle/bb spacing, despite what the instructions say. The included spindle spacers (4.5mm x 1, and 11.5(?)mm x2) don't seem to amount to any usable combination.

  • is there really any reason I shouldn't throw out the directions (attached) here and re-arrange the BB spacers to better fit the bike (2 on left, one on right), and likewise fill the spindle gap with 24mm spindle spacers (just ordered a pack from wheels mfg)
  • the RF instructions say the "red" spacer should be on the drive side of the spindle but should that be directly against the EXI mount? What is the deal with that red spacer? (picture below)
  • even if I land at the spec'd 78.5 chainline it looks lie I might still have the chain rubbing against the derailleur cage (picture attached, chain way too tight). Any tips here?





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