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Help with chainring selection

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I figured I may get more help posting this here as there are probably more Truvativ Noir users.

On my last ride I found that during the most powerful part of my pedal stroke the chain would slip. After a closer look I found that the teeth on my middle chain ring were very worn (which is odd, because I've only put a couple hundred km's on it.)

So my question is what 32T chainring should I replace it with, with a goal of durability and weight (the 32T Noir is 37grams)? XTR, Race Face, FSA? Will there be any compatibility issues if I chose a chainring that is not a Truvativ Noir?

Thanks for the help!


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get Mattias to make you one in ti

I am using a 27 ti on each of my bikes and have ordered a 40 from Mattias as well. Cost effective and lite. :thumbsup:
My Race Face Deus rings have proven to be durable if thats what youre looking for. I'm not sure how much the 32T weighs but the complete 44/32/22 set weighs 157g so not really a light set of rings.
Make sure and check that your chain isn't stretched out now. That ring looks terrible - what's it made out of? Wax?
I like Middleburn SlickShift Hardcoat rings. Served me well so far.
Thanks for the tips guys!

Hopefully the chain isn't stretched, its almost brand new (KMC X9SL), but I'll measure just to make sure. Thanks for the tip!
get a 24 granny and a 36 middle ring and ditch the big ring. Blackspire pros are not all that light but very durable in this configuration.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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