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Help with Bike Value/Specialized FSR

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Ok, thanks for the advice, appreciate it. I will look into some used hardtails. Definately not looking to spend over a grand, more like $4-500 range.
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Hey all, I am looking to get back into riding and dont need anything too crazy. I am looking at this Specialized FSR Sport on ebay, and wanted some opinions. I believe it is a '99. He will take $450 for it, and I wanted to know if it is worth that, or should I be looking elsewhere/newer model? I am 5'10", athletic 220lbs, and like long walks on the beach. Thanks for any input. -JG
A lot has changed in 10 years especially full suspension designs. I wouldn't touch a full suspension bike more than 3 years old for 2 reasons. The suspension designs have improved exponentially since the 90's have have only recently started to taper off within the last 3 years with only minor improvements. Second is a bike that old could be a drop away from catastrophic failure. If 20 years is about the lifespan of a normal hardtail, then a full suspension bike has got to be at least half that.

With that being said, it's hard to find a decent full suspension bike for under $1000, nearly impossible if you're looking for a new bike. I'm sure others will agree with me that if you're looking to get back into biking a reasonable starting point to gauge the market would be to look at hardtails if your budget is under $1000 and full suspension bikes if you can afford $1000 or more.
and those spinergy wheels werent really known for their durability. i'd pass on that bike. a new entry level hardtail or a newer used hardtail would be a much better option. if you want a full suspension bike then plan on spending close to a grand.

also, the seller of that bike didnt list the size of that bike so it might not even fit you.
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