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Hello, I'm hoping some of you could help me figure out what bike to get my wife, and help me understand what exactly is the difference between a mens and womens bike.

Some background: My wife and I are new to mountain biking. I just bought a 2006 Giant Yukon which I am enjoying. I am 5'6'', and my wife is two or so inches shorter than I am. She, myself and one of her friends have signed on to do an adventure race in June. It entails a 6m trek, 10m bike, and a 4m canoe. My LBS has some great deals on some 06 Specialized Hardrocks, and Giant Yukons. I have a 19" frame, and I would think that either the 19" or the next size down would fit her. My bike seems to be a very good basic bike, with decent components, disc brakes etc, for a reasonable price. I would like to get her the same thing, something solid as a beginner bike. I haven't seen a W model that fits into the same category. I can pay a couple of hundred more and get some higher end components, or I can pay less but sacrifice the disc brakes. My choice would be to go for the smaller men's version, (if it fits) and get the best of both worlds. I should point out that biking and adventure racing are not her primary sports. We are doing the AR for fun and to see if we can finish. Also, I don't have tons of money to spend on equipment. $500.00 is a lot of cash to me, but I also want to get her something that fits well and is comfortable. I'm hoping that with time, we could do a couple of adventure races a year.

What exactly is the benefit of a W frame, and would it matter in this case?
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