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Help with Avid Juicy 7

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I bought an Avid Juicy 7 brake system true the internet and went to my local Mountain Bike shop to fit them on my Kona.

Problems started just a few miles of my first trail with the new brakes fitted. What happens is that the brake pads of the front wheel, progressively, got closer, to the point that the pads are at al time in contact with de brake disc, even without pressing the break lever :madman: . I tried to take out the wheel and press the pads so that they would go back to their original place, but they don't go back enough to allow the wheel to turn freely.

The break hoses had to be shortened in order to fit in the bike. Can that be the source of the problem?

Do they need bleeding? Bad lubrication of the pistons? Too much oil in the system?

I thank you for any help.:)
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Sounds like too much fluid in the system. Just let a few drops out. If it doesn't fix the problem, let a few more drops out.
Hmm... But the thing is that the pads get closer to the disc and start rubbing till a point where de wheel doesn't turn freely, but it only happends some time after starting my ride.

I have been riding in very hot days, and I brake a lot. Some people told me that it could be the heating of the system, that expands the oil... :madman:

What do you think?
Exactly... Too much fluid in the system...

There's too much fluid to start, so that when it expands, the resivoir is unable to compensate for the extra fluid. So the fluid pushes the pistons out to make room for itself...
Finally, XSL has shown me the light!

Thank you oh Lord! :thumbsup:
I guess that drawing a few drops out worked?
You can also use the pad adjustment knob on the lever for a quick fix on the trail.
Wrong. It's a common misconception. The pad adjustment knob does not actually affect the position of the pistons, it's to adjust the engagement point at the levers. Quite a nice feature if you hate uneven brake levers.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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