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Help with Avid Juicy 3's, GF's bike for Christmas

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I need a hand here, I bought my GF a new Juliana for Christmas and after putting it together the front brake was rubbing some so I tried to fix it, a long story short, I loosened a bolt that had brake fluid in it and now the bike has no front brakes. :madman: Without carrying the bike to a dealer as I need this ready to go no later than Thursday morning, what is the best way to fix this.

My son raced MX a few years ago and you could get away with bleeding a MX bike with a squeeze bottle and fluid, has anyone tried this on a MTB?

All help will be appreciated, thank you in advance.
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You need an Avid Bleed Kit or something similar, its easy to bleed it once you have the kit

FYI-make sure you clean up all the brake fluid, it eats paint. Also, if you got it on the brake pads, you'll be needing to pick up a set as well (or you can cook them-search this forum to find out how).
Thanks mtnbiker, that is what I was afraid of.
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