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Hey everyone out there in Scott-land !! I purchased a 2007 Scott Ransom 30 last February and rode it for 4 months till I got my other bike together! It was used when I bought it (on Ebay) and was in very good shape, I also got it at an incredible price(at least I think I did) Anyway I have been riding it again and I do love the way it handles the AM type of riding I do! I am not sure that I am setting up the shock correctly! I don't know if I'm using the Scott shock pump correctly. I notice that after I put the recommended pressure in both negative and positive chambers, (which is about 387 psi) as I take the pump off, air escapes! So when I put the pump back on both air inlets, I get different readings for both + and - chambers! The positive chamber reads 350 psi and the negative chamber reads 250 psi! Is this supposed to be like this? The bike never bottoms out and I think it rides normal! I was thinking that you are supposed to put in as much air as it states and when you take the pump off a certain amount of air is supposed to escape to even out pressures or something! I don;t really know! If there is anyone out there who can clear this up, it would be greatly appreciated!
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