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Help!: When a Medium is a Large...

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Hi chaps,
As a prospective Motolite owner I am on the horns of a dilemma: what size would fit me best? The only demo Motolites in the UK I have been able to try have been Medium sizes (Titus dealers are few and far between). I got the tape measure out at the weekend and as someone who is 6' (well, 6' 3/4) with an inside leg of 33.5-34", a Medium just sounds too small. But looking at the ML's geometry, a medium (with a 23.35" top tube and 19" seat tube) pretty much matches a Large Specialized Stumpjumper or Enduro. My most-ridden bike is a 19.5" Rocky Mountain Blizzard, with a 23.4" top tube and 100mm stem and it fits like a glove, with a slightly upright position.
The ML set-up database shows plenty of Large Motolites (in the US, I guess). Are there any 6ft ML owners out there riding a Medium? Am I somewhere between a Medium and Large? Any advice much appreciated.
If it helps, I like steep, challenging singletrack so both stability and agility are important.

ps The Titus forum - what an excellent resource!
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check out the Yeti sizing page for the 575, one of the MotoLite's closest comparables.

It shows 6' 3/4 as being right in the range of a large 575 (24.4" TT). The large ML TT is 24.25, which makes it even a better fit according to Yeti's sizing chart. Plus, I'd rather have a larger frame with a shorter stem and a straight seatpost than a longer stem and a set-back post.

The ML has a fairly slack seattube angle already and a set back post, or pushing the saddle back on the rails, will effectively slacken this angle out even more.

When I bought my MotoLite, I emailed Titus my measurements, not just height, and asked them what they thought. [email protected]
go to the source...

from the horses mouth

see this link to Chris Cocalis (Pres. of titus) post on 6 footers on ML

I'm 6 foot even. but, I got a 32 inch inseam. a large with a 110mm stem works real good for me with a 5 inch fork.
Im over 6ft


I got my medium ML about 6 months ago here in the UK. Im 6'2" and like by rides small but its really not that small. Ive never thought that i should have gone with the large. its much bigger than the marin 17.5inch that i had before.

it really is a great ride, apart from the paint.

Thanks - very useful info. The Yeti 575's geometry would seem to give me 1" more standover than on a Large Motolite, but that's something I think I could live with. And Cocalis's post was interesting - he seems to acknowledge that there is an issue with 6ft-tall riders.
Perhaps a 90/100mm stem and no-layback post on a Large is the way forward.
6'2" and on a Medium - do you use a layback post smh?
I too tend towards smaller frames after trying and failing to ride the north shore on a much-too-large RM several years ago. But then I prefer having a bit of space for my arms and knees when climbing. I'll demo a Medium again and if that fails I'll flip a coin. Now, time to sleep on it...
In our group there are 4 ML riders, I am 5'7'" and I am riding a Medium size frame, my 5'10 friend is also riding a Medium size frame, the third is 5'9 and is riding a medium as well, the fourth in our group who is 6ft tall, he is riding a large ML, we all believe that the size of our respective ML's fits us very well....
theblizz said:
And Cocalis's post was interesting - he seems to acknowledge that there is an issue with 6ft-tall riders.
there is no "issue" with 6 foot tall fit. the issue he was addressing was that the ML doesn't fit the "Classic Titus" sizes. to some people that is good news, for others.. not so much. change is change.

but in my eyes...... compared to intense, ellsworth,yeti..... the ML sizing is the same, in regards to the size jump between Med to Large.

the way I read it. the man said that a 6 footer should ride a large with a short stem, he defined the range of stems. the shortest of which is 100mm.

my take is that a 6 footer could be happy on either a large or a medium. the only question is do you want to sit upright or do you want to stretch out?
I'm 6'1" with a 32 inch inseem. I went with a medium with a 105mm stem. The bike was professionally fitted and worked great. I have since gone to a 90mm stem and like the bike even more. I ride fairly aggressively though, but I guess I have to agree that in the 6 ft range you can go either way depending on personal preference and riding style.
Hi Bliss

I'm 5'11" and the medium fits just fine, but I think if I were a bit taller I would prefer a Large frame.
to answer your question i have a 75mm stem and a no straight post. Not really a climber me though id rather have the performance in the twisties. Also to define my style a bit more i have a Pike on the front that i use pretty much at 140mm all the time and a DHX-air on the rear.

Smh: yes, I'd be using a Pike on 140mm extension too and I'd prefer to sacrifice a little climbing comfort for 'chuckability' on the downhills. I guess that I'm not sure whether a large with a shorter stem would be more stable for drops and steeps than a longer stem on a medium where more of my weight is over the front wheel. Have found a local shop with a large frame and I try to talk them into putting some wheels and a fork on it so I can compare it with their medium demo.
Thanks everyone for your input.
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