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I want my 2 dollars
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K, so, I built a couple o kickers and I've already blown through 2 rear derailleurs. I assume its cuz im gettin such huge air that my chain is dropping, etc. SOOOO, throw money at the problem, right? Buy a chain guide?

I got serious uphill to ride to get to park, so I gotta keep the granny gear [thus I think I need a chainguide that supports 2 rings]. My setup is Truvativ Stylo Team cranks [older, like y2k-ish], 4 bolt w/ 44t / 32t / 22t, and a Shimano 113mm BB. I keep measuring the BCD [??] on the chainring, but I dont get anywhere near 104mm or 110mm [more like 106mm-107mm]. WTF?

Anybody know what size e13 DRS fits this setup?

BTW, anybody wanna make fun of me for putting Marzocchi Bombers [200mm] forks on a XC frame? Sure makes for a cushy landing when I lawn
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