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HELP Veteran knowledge needed!

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There is a ton of knowledge on this board so here is what I need.

I have a set of Cook Bros. Racing Cranks that are in awesome shape. I can not remember for the life of me what spacer to use between the spider and the inner ring when used w/ a nine sped cassette.

29er content:
They will go on the WIFE'S Karate Monkey that is due back from the powder coater early next week. The bike will be light pink w/ a silver metalic top coat. I am building her bike from a collection of "retro pieces" ie: CBR cranks, Ringle rings, Paul motolites and love levers, etc.

Thanks in advance from a fellow 29er zealot;)
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RSR 110/74 w hidden 5th arm CBR spider.
Ok - you're testing the dark spaces of my brain where useless info goes to hide. I had the RSR's and remember using the spacers. At the time it was with an 8-speed setup. Not sure on the RSR, but my E-type Cook's are using what looks like just a hair over 8mm spacers. I checked Bikeman, they have plenty of options. The easiest way to figure it out is to measure a set of Shimano 9-speed cranks to determine the distance between the chainrings. Distance should be the same for your Cook's (+/-). Measure and buy spacers accordingly...

Otherwise, if all else fails I hope this info is still valid...

Cook Bros. Racing
1983 Willow Rd.
Arroyo Grande,CA


email: [email protected]
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