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I have BMC Fourstroke with Fox CTD shock. It is Factory series fork with Kashima coating, but without Boostvalve and cannot be rebuilt by Push. It has the internals of the Fox Triad shock: firm lockout with a plate covering the piston and very simple rebound without separate high speed and low speed circuits.

I'm thinking about replacing it with Rockshox Monarch for several reasons: I like to maintain my own stuff and with Fox it is not easy, Monarch is supposedly much better than Triad, Monarch has better rebound and I can retune the Monarch more easily.

I do not like to fiddle with the suspension controls, I'm looking for "set and forget" setup that would work well for most situations. Fourstroke has rear linkage similar to VPP and DW link and has very little pedal bob even in descent mode, so that should be possible.

Fourstroke has leverage curve that makes the shock more linear. Average leverage ratio is ~2.0

BMC Fourstroke 29'' 2013 - Linkage Design

With the stock setup the suspension was too linear. I added 0.3 cubic inch spacer in order to make it more progressive. Now it has good small bump compliance and does not bottom out. I've ridden it on the same track at different pressures in both descent and trail modes. Right now I like descent mode best. Since this is my first full suspension bike I cannot compare it to anything. Perhaps Fox is doing good job, but I would still like to see if Monarch can do better.

Stock shock has compression tune L and climb tune Firm. I weight ~230 lbs in full gear.

What tune Monarch should I get?

I think I should go with the standard airsleeve for more progressive spring curve. BTW, is there option to reduce the volume of the Rockshox standard airsleeve (like the spacers that Fox is offering)?

I would like to get old RT model that had ten different positions for threshold. I would probably dial in little bit of threshold and not change it during the ride. New RT model (2014) looks exactly like RL model - is it actually same thing?
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