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help/tips with marzocchi bomber exr 2003

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hey all. Im just into mountain biking these few months back and im now considering to buy a front shock. So, i already have a look at the bike shop and they sell quite a number of good(popular) forks. Here are the list :- Manitou Black(not sure which version, i think it's Elite), Rock Shox Pilot XC, RSTs, Rock Shox SID (expensive!!) and marzocchi bomber exr 2003.

I know this is out of the topic title but i need any tips/recommendation for you guys regarding which forks mentioned above are the most valuable. OK, now into the initial question. I was attracted to Marz exr 2003 and they sell it for USD $185. So i went on the search marz's official website but no luck. The i googled it and found some info and also i read the review at But i noticed something kinda confusing coz the color is different. All of the pics of exr 2003 i saw on the Internet is in black but the bikeshop sells the silver color exr 2003. Is it something non-original stuff? Please comment. Thanks a lot for your time

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